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Brandon Rogers Motion Picture Soundtrack

This movie was made for Apple's 24 hour Insomnia movie making contest. The contest ran from 2PM to 2PM. To keep people from making the movie ahead of time, 3 or more of the following elements had to be used in the movie. The elements we used in our movie are in italic type.

Required character named: Alex Kona
Required Dialog line: "No, you don't understand what it's like growing up here."
Required costume: Leather jacket and dark sunglasses
Required prop: Ice
Required side kick: Pet monkey
Required setting: Abandoned building
Required shot: Clock with 4:11 on face [Image]
Required makeup: Fake eyelashes and blue eye shadow
Required genre: Sci-fi/fantasy
Required Camera effect: Crane or boom shot
Required editing device: Musical montage

Full Credits

Alex Kona Brandon Rogers
Girl Adrienne Sommer-Locey
Killer Nathan Hawkins

Directed by Nathan Hawkins
Director of Photography Nathan Trebes
1st Assistant Camera Nathan Hawkins
Music by Brandon Rogers
Edited by Nathan Trebes
Laptop LiveCapture Brenna Gomer
Slating Kyle DePasquale
Sound Recordist Casey de Fremery
Script Supervisors Heather Figuers
Casey de Fremery
Makup Artists Brenna Gomer
Heather Figuers

Production Assistants James Mickle
Arzomanaza Sediqi
Alex Frogner
Ted Skedzielewski